Fear is anti-humanity matter.

Fear is anti-humanity matter.

Fear is

The solid grey concrete of the wall,

Which holds in any soul who ever dreamed

Of freedom.

But now rarely looks out the window

Instead writes equations on the blank canvas-cage

staring back.

Fear is

The deceitful voice that tells you

Truth lies in the colours of your flag and in,

the ashes of theirs.

She sings at funerals and cry’s at weddings,

Despises the harmony of shared history


Fear is

The deep crack in a green bottle, which,

once filled with improbable substances

like hope and love.

Now leaves a stain on the beige carpet

You spent far too much money on


Fear is

That thick drug which lets us sleep deeply

Whilst poison is poured out where ever life

might live.

Insisting that bees and brethren give up their task

Of planetary preservation and honey-making


Fear is

Tying you to the spot where acts of honesty,

Endeavours of humanity, unfinished tasks

for the living.

Look like death wishes and sofas become

Mass-graves long before hearts stop


Fear keeps

love in its rightful place on the ‘fantasy’ shelf,

Kills the mood, takes pleasure in glorifying

Fiction as fact.

Knows you’ll sing the justice of injustice,

Cos the worlds a dark and dangerous place

either way.

Fear is

Why we’re standing here,

With little but certain death and factor 45

To protect us.

From the monster that lives here now

because you fed it with stupidity and


Fear is anti-humanity matter.


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